A Text Message from CPG

February 7, 2013

As you’ve seen in our last two blog posts, we’ve given an introduction of our staff and the vision we have for our company. Now, we’d like to give a bit more information on the types of services that we offer. One of the services we offer that we think will start to play a bigger role in elections to come is our texting program. In a world where everybody is looking down at their phones as they walk, we at CPG are trying to open up this medium for our clients. After all, 90% of all text messages are read within 5 minutes. This is why we especially push texting programs for time sensitive information, i.e. poll locations and hours.

Besides just sending out text blasts, we set up short codes that can be accessed by all major cell phone carriers that allow for people to opt in to events, or to receive updates about our client. These short codes are the base of the texting program because they allow us to set up a shorter, simpler number for people to text the keyword to. For example, text “control” to 48055 right now and you will receive our email, office phone number and a link to one of our past TV spots. Seriously, check it out.

Anytime a client has used our texting program, they have been extremely happy with it. Several state parties used it during the Convention to help organize and direct their delegates through the logistical nightmare caused by the storm. We sent out 9,000 texts over 3 days. We stayed up late to make sure that the texts were sent out, and that the responses to texting our keyword were updated with correct times and locations. We also had several clients use our texting program on Election Day. Our text blasts went out in Colorado with valuable information that reminded people to vote, their polling hours and a number to call if they were unsure of where to vote.

At CPG, we also want to push our texting program to be coupled with our Telephone Town Halls. It’s a great way to boost participation because if the Town Hall is advertised through Facebook or press releases, we can put the keyword and short code on the advertisements. If people text the keyword to get involved, we have their information and can add it to our data so they will be called. It’s as easy as that.

Hope you enjoyed our first post pertaining to our services and learned a little bit about texting programs. We’ll be posting again in the near future about other services that we offer. Have a good rest of the week!


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