Learning from "The Newsroom"

March 15, 2013

sup9.jpgFor all you "Newsroom" and Sorkin fans out there take a look at the panel that Piers Morgan hosted in the beginning of March.

The panel was entertaining and gave a nice preview of season 2 (spoiler alert: Don and Sloan are gonna happen in some capacity), but one of the highlights was Sorkin and Piers Morgan debating how to cover the sequester. Sorkin suggested that the news needed to find a way to make the sequester “sexy”, so the public could be informed and ratings would remain high. My first thought was, “How has nobody thought of this yet? Innovative stuff, Sorkin.” My second thought was that CPG offers some services that could do just that.

Telephone Town Halls are a perfect way to engage constituents on an issue like the sequester. By doing just a couple of them you can reach a large portion of your district, and not have to leave DC (I’d usually recommend leaving DC and doing old school town halls, but the current climate requires that congressional members be here as much as possible trying to forge deals). I've looked at the sites of some members, and many of them relate the sequester back to their district. A representative of a part of Arizona would have to bring up border patrol cuts. Any district with a military base or site has posted about the Defense cuts; however, posting a press release just isn't going to cut it. This is a situation that demands direct contact between representative and constituent. That’s just as important as content at this point. The news can’t be as persistent as a member of Congress. Informing the public is just as much a responsibility to Senator John Doe as it is for Brian Williams. The ability to combine Telephone Town Halls, Twitter Town Halls, Facebook posts, town halls in your district, direct mail pieces with 3 stats on what the sequester means to YOU is something only a member can do. Obviously, budgets are up in the air, but if you come to us we’d be more than happy to work out a reasonable price for you. We’d love to help.


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