Minority Report

March 2, 2017

Concluding a closely watched race, former Obama Labor Secretary Tom Perez was elected Chairman of the Democratic National Committee last Saturday. The four month race was considered one of the most contentious in recent history, feeding concerns over a growing moderate-progressive split within the Democratic Party.IMG_8331-1.JPG

But focusing on the rocky road to the DNC election takes away from the incredible statement made by electing Perez, who immediately appointed runner-up Representative Keith Ellison (MN05) deputy chairman. While Republicans are attempting to build a wall on the southern border and ban refugees from the United States, Democrats have elected a Hispanic chairman and Muslim deputy chair to lead our party forward. That speaks to our values as a party far more than the moderate-progressive differences that might divide us on the surface. Control Point Group has worked with moderates and progressives across the country. In the end, Democrats of all labels believe in the value of diversity. We believe in leading America forward to a better future for everyone. Donald Trump and the Republican Party believe in the opposite. Chairman Perez and Deputy Chairman Ellison understand the challenges ahead and they are ready to take on everything the right will throw at the Democrats in 2018 and 2020.

As a DNC-certified minority owned firm, CPG is closely connected to the value of diversity with the Democratic Party. We are proud to support the efforts of Democrats and progressives throughout the United States in communities large and small. From the House of Representatives to the state house, we believe in supporting candidates that reflect their communities and are dedicated to supporting their critical work.  


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