The Plus Side of Versatility

February 15, 2013

Happy Friday!

Hope everyone had a good week and is thankful to President’s Day for a 3 day weekend. Speaking of Presidents, President Barack Obama hosted a Fireside Hangout yesterday on Google+. The hangout consisted of 5 panelists and the President, where the President was asked questions related to his recent State of the Union address. This is not the first Google+ Hangout the President has done (he did one around the same time last year- 2012 Hangout), but this one is different simply because he isn’t running for President anymore. This Hangout is a part of the President’s plan to take his initiatives proposed in the SOTU to the people, instead of Congress, and is a useful tool for outreach.

I recently used Google+ Hangout and found it to be very fun with family and friends. It’s simple and easy. Now, was my Hangout as serious and policy filled as the President’s? With respect to my Grandpa’s hard left policies, no. However, our motives were the same and that was to keep in touch with people. To show your face to those who don’t get to see you in person that often. Here at CPG, we value any sort of communication that can be made with constituents or the greater public. That’s a big reason why Chad and Cartney wanted to create an all-inclusive firm. As a congressional member or candidate, it’s invaluable to have your consulting team under one roof. It allows for a cohesive message, which is something we preach here at CPG.

We like Google+ Hangout because it offers another way to reach people. We aren’t partial to any certain medium, but will work with you to figure out the best methods to use for your situation. If you want to reach a younger audience, we might suggest Twitter Town Halls or help facilitate a Hangout. If it’s an older audience, we’ll suggest a different method. We believe our versatility and open-mindedness sets us apart from other companies and will help us be successful.

Happy President’s Day Weekend!


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