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We’ve been in the trenches and know that in order to make a difference at the ballot box, coordinating a hands-on, cohesive campaign that integrates paid media efforts alongside of direct mail, digital outreach, phones and field is imperative to win. 

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We create cohesive strategies for political campaigns to enable candidates and their messages to resonate with target audiences from digital to direct mail to voters’ doorsteps. 

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It’s not what you say; it’s how we say it that sparks action and creates progress. We design issue advocacy campaigns that influence policy makers, shape legislation and make a positive impact on the world around us. 



2014 Reed Awards

February 10, 2014
  The Control Point Team was honored to be a finalist for four prestigious Reed Awards from Campaigns & Elections Politics Magazine this year. Truth be told, it’s humbling to be nominated with several other firms we hold in such high regard. We were fortunate to come a…


By Chad Gosselink People often ask me what’s new with phones. Nothing is really new with phones. You still speak into one end and listen from the other. Research conducted by political scientists continues to refine the most effective phone messaging, but let’s not prete…